If You Read Nothing Else Regarding
Our Services, Please Take 3 Minutes to Read This Very Important & Helpful Information

We receive dozens of calls weekly inquiring about our services in North Carolina and all over the country. DISASTER MASTERS ONLY accepts clients that are ready and willing to make DRAMATIC changes not only to their physical living environment, but also to their mindset.

Since 1980 and thousands of satisfied clients later, DISASTER MASTERS has had an overwhelming 95% success rate in helping those with severe hoarding issues permanently break the cycle of the hoarder’s mindset.

Because we are inundated with requests about our services, following is the response we send for all inquires. If after reading this you would like to contact us, our information is below.


Hello Friends, Relatives, and Those Needing Assistance

Thank you for asking about the DISASTER MASTERS Clutter Solution Company. Unlike single-service providers, DISASTER MASTERS are more like a hospital than a doctor, in that we are fully self-contained and provide end-to-end services for our clients.

Among other things, DISASTER MASTERS are seasoned life planning coaches, with over 30 years’ unprecedented success. Professional organizers, downsizing experts, moving companies, cleaning services, junk haulers, estate sale experts, and cognitive therapists do not provide the all-encompassing services we offer of both highly efficient clutter clearing and mind fitness training. When combined and implemented properly, our methods prove to have an incredibly high success rate in helping our clients lead happier, more productive, clutter-free lives.

Our goal is to set you on the right course for the next 10 years, not the next 10 days.

We provide all of these services and more, such as follow-ups and recommendations to competent senior care managers for those who need elderly life transition services. In addition, we service individuals and their families who are not able take good care of themselves in their current living environment.

These individuals end up with serious problems that require very special services to undo or recover from their mess and move to new and better lives.

We have completed thousands of these projects since 1980, which makes us the ideal service provider to undertake these daunting tasks, especially in emergencies.

Knowing how to manage these projects efficiently is everything, and we can accomplish things in a few days that most people take months to do on their own using single-service providers or volunteers such as family members, friends, and neighbors.

Regarding costs. We never quote prices over the phone, because it is impossible to get it right. Until we know what the project involves, any quote will be wrong. Speaking about right and wrong, clients never have a second chance to do it right the first time. With over three decades in this business, we know how to never have to apologize to a client because we did not do something right.

Failure, apologies, or having a disappointed client is not acceptable to us, and we would rather forgo serving clients who insist that we do the impossible (meaning, their way) before the work can begin.

Only the right start provides a great finish. Anything short of that ends in failure.

Estimates are only guesses and leave too much ambiguity; we never do that. We always make an on-site appraisal and documentation visit. Once we clearly understand the scope, size, and mission of the project and know what the outcome is going to be, we are able to quote an exact cost in dollars and a time-frame to start and complete any project. And we put it in writing.

We never work by the hour, because we know that this always ends on a sour note due to realistic expectations not being met. We charge a modest appraisal fee to create a life recovery plan, much like a doctor charges for a complete physical exam.

A few recent projects, media releases, and current service offerings:

We want to help and we will. The next step is yours.